Master Key Experience Week 12: Planting The Seeds

As time progresses in this Master Key Experience, it has become quite evident that what we are actually doing is planting seeds that are in alignment with our core values and heart’s desire. Step-by-step we progress and move toward our desired destination

This endeavor is sure to ignite resistance from our old conditioned self, who now feels threatened, and is determined to stay alive. Its very existence is at stake. No wonder we are bombarded by so much negative bias.

Tender Loving Care

What we require is some tender loving care. By being compassionate with ourselves, we are able to allow our desires to germinate, sprout, and come into full bloom at just the perfect time.

It is not necessary to rush the process, or doubt that our efforts will come to fruition. By being consistent in nurturing our desires, we provide all the necessary nutrients to keep things alive and progressing at their natural pace.

It’s all too easy to get impatient and discontinue our efforts. We allow our desires then to wither away. Many times this happens when we were just on the verge of success.

It is not our business to know how many steps are needed to be taken for our desires to manifest. Once we plant the seed of our desire, it is time to step back and “trust” the process.

A More Enlightened Approach

Emmet Fox’s Seven (7) Day Mental Diet certainly helps to clean house so to speak and get us back on track. With enough patience and persistence the benefits are evident as a new positivity bias appears.

This provided peace of mind and a more relaxed attitude toward our efforts. We are able to actually “enjoy” the process, and accept things as they are with a heart filled with gratitude.

Now the seeds we have planted are allowed to grow without our intense desire to dig them up and examine their progress. It is exactly this lack of trust that causes our demise.

In any event, as the Master Key Experience continues a bigger picture comes into view. It is a panoramic landscape of our future self enjoying that life that we have consciously designed. What a beautiful scene it is.

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  1. Joseph, yes, your desired best self is a very beautiful scene indeed. Keep on trusting the process. From your blog rover friend John.

  2. I love what you wrote about planting the seed and tender loving care. I also think the pictures you put in there to support your blog is awesome!

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