Master Key Experience Week 13: Living The Dream

So much good stuff is happening as a result of staying with the process of the Master Key Experience. The Seven (7) Day Mental Diet of Emmet Fox sped up the process quite a bit, and allows us to envision living the dream.

It’s a recognition and then a realization that we are part of it All and always have been. It just requires some patience to stay with the process long enough to internalize this to the point of actually “living” it in the present moment.

The Matrix Uncovered

Living the Dream

Once we realize that we have been buying into many false images, perceptions, and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world we are able to “see” clearly and rediscover our True Essence.

The matrix has been a large part of our lives for many years, so it is like emerging into the sunlight after many years in darkness. It does take a bit of time to adjust, but that is perfectly okay.

We are finally regaining our power and the ability of “how” to think rather “what” to think. As a result we realize that we are the cause and not longer feel victimized by the dream itself. We are the dreamer and the creator of this dream regardless of its current quality.

Regaining our Mastery of the Present Moment

Through the recognition and realization of ourselves as the cause and not the effect of our current conditions and reality, we are empowered to choose for the first time in quite a while on a conscious basis. We are willing to leave the illusions and limits behind and move forward with grace and courage.

This all takes place in the present moment where our power exists. When seeing ourselves at effect we are lost in the past and future, and thereby setting ourselves up for more of the same; the past creates the future and the present is ignored. We are fueling our future unconsciously and feeling victimized as a result.

This all stops now as we embrace the Light within our True Essence and move forward as our Genius Self. All this may still seem quite far away, but that is what “faith” and “expectation” are for. They lead the way until our uncertainty transforms in knowingness.

Living the dream is a present time experience and it begins Right This Very Moment. Happily ever after is NOW.

In Peace & Love within the Light,


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  1. Powerful post Joseph. Especially liked the sentence about coming out of the shadows. It’s my favorite line from Og Scroll 1: “wisdom and principles guide me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position and happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams”. Also love your use of the matrix… a great visual.

  2. Thanks for your insights, Joseph. I really loved the sentence, “Once we realize that we have been buying into many false images, perceptions, and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world we are able to “see” clearly and rediscover our True Essence.” Your friend, Linda

  3. Hello Joseph.
    Lovely to see you explaining so simply about the matrix and the phrase really hit me was that ‘now that we can see clearly beyond the misconceptions, and see that we are the cause, we can also drop the victimizing’ – or something like that. So true, and thank you for that. Isn’t that such a relief, that there is always a cause and an effect. A few months ago I spoke to a medium who told me that I was going to go to school and learn magic of manifestation, like a Harry Potter school and so it is – the laws are working perfectly and we are improving our skills. Lovely isn’t it? Thank you for a great read. All the best!

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