Master Key Experience Week 17HJ: Who Wants To Be A Hero?

You would think that by posing that question, who wants to be a hero, there would be a unanimous decision to step up and say yes. Even though on the surface this is what it appears to be, in reality it’s a much different case.

The truth of the matter is when push comes to shove, there will be very few volunteers. And even among those who do, the majority will still be reluctant.

So What’s the Story Behind this Reluctance?

What is it that we are really afraid of? When we were kids it was a no-brainer. That’s all that we wanted to be. We all had our heroes and superheroes whose powers we pretended to possess. We were proud to declare and “claim” our heroism.

Where did all this enthusiasm for expressing our heroic virtues go? Did they simply melt away, were they stolen, or are they just buried somewhere deep down within ourselves? Well that’s it for the questions; it’s now time for some answers.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” — Christopher Reeve —

By doing a little bit of investigation we soon discover that they did not melt away or disappear but still exist within ourselves, although they are covered over and buried by an accumulation of a false sense of self. We are so comfortable with this false entity that we are reluctant to let go and embrace our freedom.

In our formative years, and thereafter, we simply bought into a lot of stuff about ourselves, other people, and the world in general that is just not true. These thoughts, feelings, and ideas turned into a belief system that has put a figurative, but still seems very real, “straitjacket” around our Genius Self.

With this type of straitjacket of false perception we are unable to release our authenticity in the pursuit of our goals. We are trapped, and most of us do not even realize it.

Accepting the Call to Adventure

When we accept this call to adventure, we enter the world of the unknown filled with much uncertainty and lack of guarantees. In fact, for a while we will feel lost and abandoned. It is at this point many desire to turn back, and some do.

But for those courageous hearts who stay the course, a whole new world is awaiting. It gets a bit rocky through this process as we have to let go of all we “think we know” in order to embrace our greatness as we experience the death of our self conditioned self.

We may deny our feelings, get frustrated and angry, mourn the loss of the familiar, and resist in other ways before accepting and welcoming our Genius Within. We may arrive kicking and screaming, but we Do Arrive.

The Payoff

Through this entire process of transforming from the confinement of a caterpillar to the freedom and bliss of a butterfly, we can now re-enter the known with an entirely new Sense of Self based on our uniqueness and authenticity.

“Live like a hero. That’s what the classics teach us. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for?” — J.M. Coetzee —

We can now be of true service to ourselves and others. We are truly grateful for the present moment, and act with a sense of confidence and assertiveness that is not limited by any hidden agenda. We take action and leave all excuses behind.

There is not anyone who has completed this journey and regrets having to face the challenges and temptations along the way. It is all part of awakening ourselves to Who We Really Are and to accepting the Destiny that we were meant to live.

I am honored to be on this Journey with Each and Everyone of You!

Let us Stay Blessed within the Light of our Higher Selves.

Love & Peace within the Light,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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  1. Joseph, good for you for taking action and leaving all your excuses behind. From your blog rover friend John.

  2. Love it Joseph, I think you’ve nailed the Heroes Journey. Written in a way that puts a bit of a different light on it. Honoured to be on this journey with you as well.

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