Master Key Experience Week 17: It’s Decision Time

Whenever we embark on a journey into the unknown and are filled with uncertainty about the eventual outcome, there comes a point where we have a choice. It’s “decision time”.

This is the fork in the road. We are at the point of “consciously” choosing our destiny. Although we have let go of much old conditioning, there are still some traces that linger which entice us to draw back.

Giving Ourselves “Permission”

It is at this point that we can choose to continue our journey and choose joy and happiness. It is down this path that we soon realize that it is okay to feel good, and enjoy our lives.

We realize fully that our joy and happiness is not dependent on any outside circumstances, but is dependent on our desire and choice. It quickly becomes apparent as more and more false ideas and beliefs are dissolved or drift away, that we deserve to be happy now.

All of our past experiences brought us to this point in time, but there is now no need to hold on to any of it in the present moment. Instead of allowing our past to determine our future, we create our future by our choices and decisions in the Present Moment of NOW.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”Buddha

This is when we are able to honestly give ourselves permission to be the powerful being we are as the last vestiges of cloud cover dissipate to allow our inner light to shine through. We have transformed into our Authentic Self.

Beyond Experience and Memory

When we give ourselves permission to be great, we embrace our power within the now-ness of the moment. This is our inner strength and power that has been waiting quite a while for us to awaken to what has always been there. We have hesitated far too long in accepting the reality of our True Nature.

It is this true nature that ignites our intuition which leads the way in providing solutions to any challenges or problems we may have. Once it is recognized and appreciated, it develops and increases through use. We are no longer dependent on rehashed information or data from outside sources, or trying to figure things out with logic alone.

Our reason and logic have their place in any problem-solving scenario, but our intuitive factor is the accelerator to this process. With this combination we are taken to greater heights of accomplishment.

Also, we no longer focus on any outside symbols of success, but rather use our creative thought process to embrace the essence or spirit of what we most desire. Through “imagination and concentration” the miraculous becomes commonplace. This truly is an new beginning.

Let us embrace the True Substance of Reality by permitting ourselves to express our Power for the benefit of All.

Enjoy the Process,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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  1. Joseph, good for you for deciding to express your power for the benefit of all. From your blog rover friend John.

  2. Great blog post, Joseph! Good job consciously choosing your destiny and giving yourself permission to BE your true, powerful self! Keep shining your light and keep up the good work! ♥

  3. Great post as usual Joeseph! You’ve been writing some great posts lately. There’s definitely choices to be made, and giving ourselves permission to make the best choice is a great inspiration to move forward.

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