Master Key Experience Week 3: Clearing Things Up A Bit

As we enter week three of this magnificent experience, I am filled with many thoughts and ideas about what I desire as well as what I really don’t want. Being specific in determining what I truly want is critical.

To a large extent I have trusted my intuition on this. Having obtained more clarity on my pivotal needs and core values has helped.

Clearing Things Up

Accepting What Is

It’s important for me to acknowledge where I am and all that got me here, both positive and negative. It’s all good, as it has positioned me to progress from here.

I have learned as much or more from my failures and mistakes, than I have from my successes over the years. Learning that it’s okay to fail has allowed me to hesitate less, and take action.

Now that I am clear on my present state of affairs, I am able to create my goals and objectives moving forward. My awareness of my thoughts and feelings continues to increase.

Learning to Love Uncertainty

I have also found it necessary to not only embrace, but to actually love uncertainty. Not being afraid of the unknown is a major factor in letting go and “allowing” myself to progress.

Trying to control stuff and worrying about this or that is so energy draining. All the barriers of which I have broken through over the years were not nearly so difficult as my mind led me to believe. Once I took action I did what was necessary to get the job done.

When I needed resources they somehow showed up. The payoff is beyond my comfort zone and in the wonderful world of the uncertain.

Trusting the Process

Doing my best each step of the way will get me creating the needed momentum to steadily progress on this journey. Trusting the Master Key process is a matter of trusting myself.

I am honored to be a part of the Master Key experience so that I can then move forward with confidence and strength in making a positive difference in the lives of others. So many are caught up in worry and fear, thinking the same thoughts and making the same moves every day.

Change is possible but it requires a commitment to improve as well as to stay with it long enough for all of the good stuff to kick in. There is magic in how things unfold in the world of our inner selves as our emotions, thoughts, and neurobiological networks sync up.

All the confusion, stress, and frustration is a gift once I realize that I am breaking down one foundation and replacing it with a new structure. My brain is in upheaval as I create some new neural pathways that will take me in the direction I desire to go.

The so-called “Dark Night of the Soul” is to be welcomed and not feared. My old self must pass away for my new “beingness” to break through. As my weaknesses are destroyed my greatness emerges. When things seem like they are falling apart, in reality they are coming together.

The illusion of safety will attract me no more. It is time to “Trust the Process”, and of that I am quite clear.

In Peace and Love within the Light,


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