Master Key Experience Week 2: The Journey Continues

Over the past several days I have had numerous insights into my psyche, and have actually enjoyed mixing things up a bit. Conflict always arises when a new thought or idea mixes with established ones that are set in concrete as part of our current belief structure. So it did get messy at times.

Embracing the Present Moment with Gusto!

In any event, I am enjoying the process of self-discovery that is taking me down some interesting avenues. At this point, my greatest takeaway is my increased awareness of the importance of the clarity of my intentions. This actually is what has been a major roadblock in my evolution over time.

Because of this lack of clarity, I have been enmeshed in much confusion related to discovering my true heart’s desire. I have always had a vague understanding of my purpose in life, but it lacked sufficient clarity to generate the emotional fuel in order to transport me to my objectives and enable me to manifest them fully.

As a result, my achievements were very hard earned through enormous willpower and determination. The struggle was intense at times, but I am very persistent. Now, I realize the easier way is to connect with my true intentions and then “allow” the methods to appear effortlessly. I have always been at my best when I was “going with the flow” so to speak.

I will build upon this, as well as other insights, as the weeks progress on this magnificent journey into the inner realms of my mind. I look forward to my “Next Step”.

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