Master Key Experience Week 6: A New Beginning…

Amazingly after creating all the sheets related to shapes, smart goals, numbers, and colors as well as the Dream Board or Movie Poster, I felt a great sense of accomplishment as I placed them around the house and in the car. But that was only a small fraction of what I would experience.

The “new beginning” transpired the next day. This is when I felt some sort of transformation that is hard to describe. It was a different type of knowingness and increased vitality.

A Caterpillar No More

It is really hard to describe but it felt like some part of my old self had disintegrated. A part of me was left behind, but with no regrets at all.

This was a gradual experience that began yesterday evening after I completed the processes and exercises related to Week 6 in the Master Key. When I did the Guy in the Mirror exercise it was as if I was seeing someone new. And I had no problem saying “I love you”.

A Butterfly Emerges

I woke with a new sense of presence and a vitality that I had not felt in years. It brought me back to childhood when I would savor the new day, and feel blessed by the sounds of the birds and the rustling of the trees. I felt fully alive.

As I go through the day I feel a new-born confidence and an eagerness to proceed. Things are getting done more effortlessly, and it is as if time does not exist.

Only yesterday, I felt overwhelmed and stressed by the new assignments related to Week 6 as they were taking me further out of my comfort zone. The resistance was there, but there was also a part of me that said, “do it now”.

After the webinar I immediately got into action and completed the new assignments, not even considering the resistance that was still hanging on by a thread. I was in continuous “action mode” ignoring any thoughts that got in the way.

New challenges await, and obstacles to face. Resistance will appear, but it will now be met with a new kind of presence inhabiting myself. I feel totally immersed in the deep end of a large Cosmic Swimming Pool, but feel safe and confident all is well.

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  1. Hi Joseph. Great to hear things are engaging for you! The analogies are great, and what a feeling it must be for you. MKE will surely be a huge success for you.

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