Master Key Experience Week 7: An “Aha Moment”

Greetings to all as we plunge into the deep end with Week 7 of this most wonderful Master Key Experience. It has been quite a journey so far as we are about a quarter of the way into it.

Yesterday during the Master Key Experience live webinar I got hit in the head (no it did not hurt too much) with a realization that I intellectually accepted quite some time ago, but apparently never truly internalized.

When the Light Turns On

So what actually happened was when the topic of becoming friends with our future self and embracing all seven (7) ways of learning was being discussed, it quickly led into the importance of using our voice as well to influence our subconscious mind. By creating an audio of our affirmations and goals, we are able to approach our subconscious mind from a different direction so that we have all of our bases covered in terms of how we best learn.

This all made perfectly good sense, but when it was stated how our subconscious mind, or “subby”, cannot defend against our voice, and that it has no choice but to accept our input, I felt like a different person right that very moment. It was an instantaneous awakening.

Then a little later in the webinar it was emphasized how our “negativity bias” is actually a result of us being hard-wired for self-preservation. Since that is the case, we can most definitely create and hardwire a “positivity bias” as well. Understanding to a greater degree the science behind all of this is extremely enlightening and very helpful.

It seems like more parts of the puzzle are falling into place. I just completed my first audio recording of my affirmations, goals, and promises with music, and look forward to listening to it while working out. Awareness is most certainly the key to significant, valid, and lasting change.

Let the games continue as our learning and expansion is unlimited. It’s really good to know that I don’t know. 👀😎🤣

Oh, before I forget, we are also on a diet, or more accurately, a “7 day mental diet” of avoiding negative thoughts and when they show up releasing them within 7 seconds. I was opting for the 7 second diet instead, but I guess I will have to stick with the 7 days.

I already am having quite a challenge with this in terms of not automatically reacting to negative thoughts and feelings that get triggered. I have gone for a few hours by replacing the negative stuff that shows up with more positive words and images, but then I get sidetracked. It is a most challenging but meaningful process.

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  1. Great blog post Joseph. And yes the neg and pos bias is such an important and significant aspect to keep in mind. Glad you reminded me.

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