Master Key Experience Week 22: Knowing That We Know

Knowing That We Know

As we progress through this wonderful Master Key Experience it becomes blatantly evident that we know much more than we have been willing to admit up to this point. In fact, we have been so absurd about this that we have actually spent quite a bit of time “pretending not to know” stuff.

This just reinforces the power of our minds to create illusions or manifest the truth. Unfortunately, we have all been guilty of opting for illusions much of the time. In any event, knowing that we know is what we need to embrace and consistently express each moment to create the lives we most desire to have.

The Good Ole Law of Vibration

When we are interested in making any changes to our mindset to affect our health, wealth, or overall well-being, we are using the law of vibration. It is this law that is responsible for the way things end up on the outside as a result of our thinking.

Working from the within to the without, we are able to use the law of vibration for our benefit on a conscious basis, rather than having it operate based on our old conditioning and providing mixed results. When we take conscious control we are acting from cause.

The subjective side of things things work pretty much automatically to keep our physical system running well and keeping us healthy. We only run into difficulties when we interfere with this perfect process. We have such a tremendous power to create that can be used for or against ourselves.

Since what we experience without is merely a reflection of what we are thinking within, we need only to keep perfect images of all that we desire to see show up. We keep our rate of vibration high with the proper mental attitude.

When We Know All Things Work Together Good

We know that we know when we are using our knowledge to advance our interests in all areas of our lives. With this working knowledge of the power of our minds, we are able to utilize the power of mental therapeutics to create a life of health, wealth, and peace of mind.

Harmonious conditions and happiness are merely a reflection of our state of mind right this very moment. There is nowhere to go and nothing to get. All the action is Here and Now.

It is about time that we embrace and take full advantage of our true abilities to create the life we desire. It does require a bit of time and effort, but that will be most well spent indeed. Being engrossed on a daily basis with feelings of joy, hope, harmony, and peace of mind is well worth any price to be pay.

And all of this exists right now at the edge of our comfort zones. As we eagerly, or maybe not so eagerly, advance beyond its outer edges, we begin to feel an excitement and exhilaration we probably have not felt since we were a small child. At this point it becomes totally clear that it is “Action Time” and we then “apply” what we know to be true.

Let us all embrace the concept of neoteny, or the retention of child-like qualities well into adulthood, so that we actually not only live life with passion, but we have a tremendous amount of fun with this most exciting and challenging game of transformation. We then discover that accepting knowing that we know makes sense, and that it is exactly how we want to live.

Enjoy the journey and have some fun,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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