Master Key Experience Week 11: Oh What A Diet

Well, oh what a diet it has been. The Seven (7) Day Mental Diet has taken its toll. For several weeks I have slipped, stumbled, and fallen on my face. But it’s all about harmony.

A few scratches here and there, but overall I have made it through in okay shape. The last defense was a bit “physically” painful indeed, as my conditioned self did not want me to be freed.

Holding On For Dear Life

Well, I went several days without giving in, and then on day seven (7) is when the pain would begin. Unable to knock me off my resolve to substitute and replace, my ego self decided to put me in a physical brace.

My back tightened up a few nights ago, and it felt like I was in a vice, with nowhere to go. Even with this uncomfortable state, I woke up early and modified my exercise routine a bit, but still got it done.

I refused to accept to be thrown off balance by any emotional, mental, or physical challenge. Even though the pain definitely got my attention, I refused to give in. I held on tight, refusing to complain, and now I have nine (9) consecutive days to exclaim my delight.

The Value of Commitment

My commitment to this MasterKey process is what enabled me to move through the mental, emotional, and physical challenges and attain this goal. How long it will last is not for me to know.

I am not tied to results, only doing my best, and I leave it up to the Universe to do the rest. Having gone through this process, I am now much more relaxed, accepting what happens much more easily than in the past.

The journey continues and always will, as there is no standing still. The present moment has taken on a more vivid space in my life, and I am very grateful for all of my experiences. Letting go has brought a certain type of humility to me, and I am feeling even more grateful for being this free.

I guess this post has turned out as a combination of prose and poetry, but it was not intended to be. Intuitive poetry does have a certain place in my current work, and it is now bleeding through in a most natural way.

Let’s rejoice and continue on with enthusiasm and unleashed optimism.

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  1. Wonderful post Joseph. Persistence through pain and obstacles, but I really noticed the last part about letting go and trusting. We should all do more of that.

  2. Keep on persisting. To quote Og Mandino, “For now I know one of the greatest principles of success, if I persist long enough, I will win.” Great way to persist through the pain.

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