Master Key Experience Week 10: No More Lies

Over the course of these past several weeks it has become plainly evident that I have not been exactly truthful with myself about a lot of stuff. In addition to that, I have been blatantly telling my self a bunch of ‘crap’, and that’s being nice about it.

There comes a time when you say to yourself “enough is enough”. And this is exactly where I am now. No more lies are acceptable in any form as they are just poor forms of excuses and alibis.

A More Authentic Approach

Many revelations have occurred especially since starting the Seven (7) Day Mental Diet. That Emmet Fox really had it together, and knew what he was revealing.

Especially the importance of facing your fears and negativity and not denying it with a false front of courage that is really a disguise for anxiety and inner terror. Living life on such a basis tears the insides apart in several ways, and it is no wonder that we experience whacked out results in many areas of our lives.

Authenticity is where it is at. Being true to myself and accepting my weaknesses as well as recognizing my strengths and accomplishments goes a long way in revealing my inner brilliance and true Genius.

Here’s a short poem that I was inspired to write on this subject the other day. Enjoy!

No More Lies

There was a Time
Very early in Life
When I was most vulnerable
To thoughts of Fear and Strife

Acceptance was easy
When I was young and free
In the middle of figuring out
This Life of Mystery

Never did I doubt
At that tender age
That what I was being taught
Might not be sage

There does come a Time
In everyone’s Life
That we have the ‘Choice’
To avoid the strife

No More Lies
Will be tolerated Now
From others or self
There’s a part within us
Crying for Help

Only the Truth
Is our Burning Desire
Blessing us with thoughts
That set us on Fire!

Joseph William Stasaitis

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  1. Joseph, I just got a chance to check out your posts, and I enjoyed them all. You are so ‘real” and refreshing in your writings. I am happy we are on this MKE journey together. Looking forward to reading more, and getting to see your heart.

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