Master Key Experience Week 15: It’s “Action” Time

It's Action Time

Throughout the Master Key Experience, we have been learning sound principles in which to change up our former thoughts and conditioning into a much more desirable makeup. Lots of great ideas and knowledge have been revealed. Now it’s action time.

This stuff does not apply itself. We can intellectually understand the workings of the mind and how to initiate constructive change, but it’s up to us to pull the trigger.

No More Lies or Excuses

If we really want to make constructive changes in our lives we have to be willing to give up the old in order to welcome in the new. As part of letting go, we need to take full responsibility for things as they are.

Even though this may be uncomfortable to do, we cannot regain our conscious power to create by denying what we created in the first place. We may deny this and make up all sorts of excuses, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak. If things keep repeating, we haven’t learned the lesson yet.

Granted that there is a period of time necessary for new thought patterns to take effect, but there is a way to test if we are making the necessary changes. Just listen to ourselves speak. Even better, record some of our conversations. It will soon be plainly evident if we have let go of the old conditioning or not.

Our habits are ingrained and control our actions unless we make a conscious effort to apply our newly gained knowledge on a consistent basis. Otherwise, we are still lying to ourselves and cannot realistically expect to see the desired results.

Our Words are Powerful

Out words and sentences are merely a reflection of our thought patterns. We can’t expect to see good results when we are complaining all the time or blaming others for our problems and challenges.

In fact, a good book that I read quite some time ago is “Power Of The Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel-Shinn. It was written in 1945 and emphasizes the power of words to change our lives. It’s all about paying attention and increasing awareness. I also enjoyed her book published in 1928, “Your Word Is Your Wand“.

When we monitor our speech we are actually monitoring our thoughts as well. She emphasizes the importance of the creative power of thought. It’s definitely worth a read.

Applying What We Know

Conscious constructive thinking is one of the hardest things we will ever do. It is so much easier to react to outside circumstances than think, visualize, and speak what we now “know” to be true.

Once we let go of the old ways of thinking and learn sound principles, the power is in the application of those principles on a daily basis. We live as the person we desire to be, and in fact who we really are.

No more pretending to be less than the powerful beings we are. We were conditioned to fail, and now we have learned to succeed. With the proper insight, we are able to anticipate any upcoming obstacles or challenges and be prepared in advance so that we can use our energy to advance our goals.

It’s action time for sure. Let’s leap out of our comfort zones and have some fun. Sure there will be some apprehension, but no more than taking a roller coaster ride and getting our juices flowing. Life can be a fun experience when we choose to make it so. Let the games begin!

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  1. Joseph, I like your call to action and taking responsibility for our past and more importantly our future. From your blog rover friend John.

  2. Great post Joseph. Yes knowledge needs to be applied! There’s a great passage about this in Think & Grow Rich, pertaining to university education. A head full of knowledge isn’t worth anything until the knowledge is applied. Like learning to swim by reading a book… you’ll drown! The thoughts about Words in this section is thought provoking, and makes one think even more about the 7-day mental diet.

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