Master Key Experience Week 24: Discovering The Key To Mastery

Discovering The Key To Mastery

Discovering the key to mastery has been the end-result of searching within rather than without for the cause of all that we see, hear, feel, smell, and touch. For many, this goes against the grain of traditional scientific and accepted thought, but a little further investigation makes it entirely clear that “all the action” takes place within ourselves.

There are so many paradoxes in life that are apparent down through the ages. From the earth no longer being considered the center of the universe and actually being round not flat, to the more recent discoveries of neuroscience and quantum physics, it does require us to relax and sit still a bit to uncover what is really going on here.

The Matrix Revealed

The movie The Matrix with Keanu Reeves, CarrieAnne Moss, and Laurence Fishburne provides the perfect metaphor of awakening to the truth and possessing the Master Key. There are many layers to the “cloud cover of illusion” which makes it oh so convincing to buy into and stay asleep.

Having been indoctrinated for so many years in how things work, or really don’t work, it can take quite a bit of convincing to accept that what we previously thought was substantial and real is nothing but mere fantasy. A “dream within a dream” can quite often be a challenge from which to awaken.

Even when we awaken to the point of being willing to take the Red Pill to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes, we must convince ourselves that it is possible to penetrate this cloud cover of illusion that hides the truth of the brilliance of the sun within our very selves.

A thin veil of nothingness nevertheless appears real when we believe it is. It does take commitment and persistence to arrive at the destination we desire. But above all we must be kind to ourselves throughout this process.

The Essence of Creation

In order to re-discover the true essence of our being it is imperative that we give up being the effect of an unknown cause. The truth is not at all about being a victim of anything.

By looking within, we are enabled to discover that we are part of the creative process, and thus we are the dreamer of the dream, and not the dream itself. This is quite a remarkable discovery to make.

Since our thoughts are creative and we have the ability to consciously choose our thoughts, we create all that we perceive. When we understand and accept this, we have taken full responsibility for our lives. We are thus empowered to “consciously” create whatsoever we desire.

Suddenly we fully realize that “We know that We know”. This cannot be mentally figured out. It must be experienced by the elimination of the cloud cover of limitation and illusion.

The Truth Does Set Us Free

We are able to be set free from all limitations when we accept the truth of our existence. Since we are part of the Universal Mind which is omnipresent, therefore we are a part of it All. This is the absolute fact of the Universe.

By staying conscious in the present moment, we use this understanding to regain our freedom. All the action takes place within and is displayed without. This is such a freeing experience and example of empowerment.

It is now quite evident that all challenges and problems that we have experienced up to this point have been the perfect execution of the creative power of thought. We have been just focusing in the wrong direction.

When we awaken to the fact that we are cause rather than effect we can change that focus to thoughts and ideas that we desire to manifest. What a wonderful realization this is.

Other than being asleep within the cloud cover of limiting beliefs about who we really are, there may also be a part of us gripped subconsciously by the fear of “receiving” all the good that we deserve. We are actually afraid of all this power we possess.

But that’s perfectly okay. The more we express our power and stay conscious of our creative ability we will get used to this new-found experience of Discovering the Key to Mastery.

Enjoy every moment of this wonderful journey within.

In Peace and Love within the Light,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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  1. Joseph, how true you are, THE TRUTH DOES SET US FREE. From your blog rover friend John.

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