Master Key Experience Week 23: Being Of Service

Being Of Service

There is no greater way to ignite the spiritual laws of success in our favor than by being of service. This is the key that unlocks the door to whatever it is that we truly desire.

When we understand and internalize this concept we not only effortlessly achieve, but we see with new eyes. It becomes plainly apparent that it is our privilege to give to others, and we constantly look for ways to increase our service to humanity.

Good Already

With this type of understanding and willingness to give, we see that things are “good already”. There is nowhere to go and nothing to get in order to satisfy our desires for happiness and harmony. We have it all now.

This state of mind creates the atmosphere in which we utilize our thoughts in a way that brings positive results that are beneficial to all. We have gone beyond the symbols of success to the very “spirit” of success. When we are kind to others we are kind to ourselves.

We now connect with Infinite Mind so that we do not have to do any of the heavy lifting. It is necessary to be humble enough to “allow” this greater intelligence to lead the way and provide all the ideas and insights necessary for us to concentrate upon. We are now in the flow of Infinite Supply.

Trusting Ourselves

It is important to trust ourselves enough to let go of forcing or making things happen, and just “allow” them to happen. When we connect with Infinite Mind this occurs effortlessly. Our mind is open to creative and intuitive thought.

We trust the part of ourselves that is directly connected with Infinite Mind, and is able to hear the still quiet echoes from the silence within. This still small voice never lets us down.

In order to trust ourselves we must think for ourselves. This may not be as easy as it sounds initially. For so many years we have surrendered our power to outside forces that came in many shapes and sizes, that we became conditioned to “business as usual”. Whether it was our family, friends, educational system, government, or experts with a few letters after their name, we trusted them more than we did our own Genius Within.

And that is perfectly okay. Life is a learning and awakening process, and we are expected to make many mistakes along the way. Eventually, we reach the point on insisting that we take our power back, think for ourselves, and act in ways that benefits ourselves and all with whom we have the honor to serve.

We now give creative thinking the attention it deserves, and have no use for public opinion that is merely based on “borrowed knowledge”. Our trust in Spirit and within ourSelves is all that is required for us to ignite that laws of manifestation in our favor. We have now taken the very practical approach of trusting in our Spiritual Selves. In this enlightened state it is truly a privilege being of service.

In Peace and Love within the Light,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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