Master Key Experience Week 22-A: Into The Silence

Into The Silence

Here we go. No holds barred. Let go and be free of all distractions, restrictions, and routines. Into the silence we go. What shall we find? I am not sure at all, but I promise to keep an open mind.

Now let me share a few thoughts about my time in the silence this past weekend. It was very revealing for sure, and it did help quite a bit that I entered this process with no expectations at all.

A Quick Overview

Let me begin by saying that I have done some retreats and vision quests before and have always benefited in some way. There is never a need for me to have any “over the top” remarkable experience to gain value from getting to know myself better.

In many ways, any out of body or other mystical type adventure might even take away from what it is I most need to learn. In any event, I was open to “whatever”.

Although I do meditate 30 to 60 minutes each day, being primarily alone and not speaking at all for a few days is much different. I did mix it up with some mediation, but mostly I sat with myself, move around a bit, and “observed” my thoughts and emotions.

Without any filter or distractions from technology, these thoughts and emotions were not shy at all about showing up. It is simply remarkable what we miss out about our own mental and emotional makeup, when we are not paying attention.

All in all this was a very telling and worthwhile experience. Now for a few highlights.

  • I went into a review of my entire life without any conscious intention to do so. It happened quite automatically.
  • I came away with several insights into my current state of affairs.
  • I discovered a new answer to the question “What am I pretending not to know?”.
  • I experienced the present moment to a deeper degree and for a longer period of time before “falling asleep” again within my “waking dream”
  • Came up with a few business ideas.
  • Got some needed rest on several levels.
  • I had some sort of vision as I saw images on my bedroom wall. This was during the day and with my eyes wide open. They lasted a few minutes. (about a year and a half ago I had a similar experience but it was more like a hologram. That was when I was doing some spiritual work)
  • Finally, I allowed myself to relax.

Exploring Different Dimensions

To some degree I felt like I was exploring some different dimensions of life. I was awake within the dream, and to some degree began to awaken “from” the dream.

Life is never static and changes at a rapid pace. No matter how much I resist I am carried along to my next lesson to learn, and the lesson stays the same until I take the hint and learn it. It does take a bit of courage at times, especially when confronted with the old baggage of past conditioning, but it is well worth the effort.

This whole experience within the depths of myself has been quite revealing in so many ways. I was able to observe myself go in and out of the present moment. All the action is in the now, as that is all we have. All else is illusion intruding on our very existence.

These many insights have helped me tremendously to understand better my overall purpose and connect better with my core values. “Authenticity” was the main message I received.

As I continue to explore different dimensions on a daily basis, I am now more alert to the messages that are available each moment. It was an extremely worthwhile time spent.

During the silence I asked myself, “what can I gather most from this period of silence?”, and then this poem spontaneously emerged from within the depths of my soul:

The Silence

Looking within

Is never a loss

There’s so much to find

At so little cost

Open yourself

To a new view of life

You will see with new eyes

The ideas that are ripe

Clutch on to them

And hold on tight

They are so very valuable

And worth the fight

Open your heart

Look deeply within

Where your Silence exists

You have already been

Remember it Now

Wake up to your Self

The answer you seek

Requires no further help.

  • Joseph William Stasaitis 3/6/2021

Peace and Love within the Light,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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