Master Key Experience Week 21: What’s Up With The Truth?

It is time for all of us to open to what is really true within our hearts. So what’s up with the truth?

We have all denied our gifts and magnificence for far too long. It’s time to come clean, do what is necessary to release the debris of false beliefs and perceptions that we collected and piled up along the way, and take possession of our birthright. The birthright of us as conscious creators.

Losing the Victim Status

To do this we leave behind the blame, shame, confusion, and conflicted ideas and refuse to be a victim in any area of our lives. As conscious creators we take full responsibility for both the desirable and undesirable aspects of our lives.

This can be quite challenging at first as we change habits and patterns that have been in place for quite some time. I suggest a bit of patience with and kindness toward ourselves.

It is all One Power and we are merely seeing the results of our efforts up to this point. With a little adjustment of our mental attitude here and there we are able to steer our ship to our desired port and gain easy entry.

When we lose the victim status we gain access to the power within ourselves. Since we have taken responsibility for our lives, we now have access to greater power with which to create and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

There are numerous benefits of being a responsible and accountable individual. We now direct our creative energy in ways that fuel our imaginings to display the patterns we most desire.

Seeing the Big Picture

Once we gain access to our power by becoming conscious of it, we realize that the size of our aspirations does not matter. We are using the same creative energy that is indifferent to how it is used. It is just as easy, and many times easier, to create and achieve larger goals.

When we concentrate on the big picture and work backwards to our starting point, we are thinking in a much more expansive way. This distances us from the any tendencies to think small or negative. We realize that it is no more difficult to think big than small.

Patterns of Success

Being conscious and aware simplifies our lives in many ways. We use our minds constructively by visualizing solutions to our challenges before we lift a finger to get anything done. This saves us much time and effort.

We see clearly that it is not what we know but “how” we organize our thoughts to get things done in the most effective and efficient ways that makes the difference. This multiplies our results with much less effort. Our work is not wasted or over extended, but is laser focused to maximize results.

We now have a personality dominated by courage, power, and determination. Getting to this point is not easy. It does require a period of adjustment where we are consistently replacing outdated ideas and pictures with more life enhancing qualities. We must commit 100%. Nothing less will do.

Although we may stumble a bit along the way, each effort we make contributes to our overall success. It is our commitment to the process that builds a whole new mental attitude that is impervious to any negative outside influences.

We have arrived at the “Truth of our Being”. We now not only recognize and have become conscious of our power, but we are “living” our truth in ways that is in total alignment with natural law and universal mind.

What a difference a bit of effort makes. Enjoy and embrace the Present Moment for that is where All is revealed and where our Power resides.

In Peace and Love within the Light,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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