Master Key Experience Week 9: Ask And You Shall Receive

A challenge I have had over the years within my old outdated paradigm or blueprint is the reluctance to ask for what I want. Mixed within a maze of quite limiting beliefs was a an issue of not deserving it at all. ‘Ask & you shall receive’ was not even an option.

Over the years the strong grip of these limiting ideas have lessened a bit, but when confronted head on, their army of negative warriors were released. This is much of what I have been experiencing with the Seven Day Mental Diet.

Asking Good Questions

I suddenly realized that I had offended the feelings of my old blueprint by asking for more. All the beliefs about not being worthy or good enough came to the front of the line.

Over the years I was able to overcome their influence to a significant degree through sheer will power and determination, but now I was apparently ‘asking’ too much. How dare I desire to have it all without any of the fear and resistance? To my illusionary made-up self this is blasphemous indeed; I was stepping way out of line by asserting my divine right to happiness, abundance, and freedom?

In any event, the battle was on and these last several days were a battleground within my very being. Confronting these fears, and not repressing them, revealed the illusionary nature of this negative presence. I was holding it in place by my focus and attention, when I had the keys to freedom all along. It just required enough ‘presence and awareness’ to remember to use them.

Unlocking the Door with the Master Key

Staying with the process of the Master Key Experience regardless of what showed up within or without, has been the key to my freedom. I am now able to experience these feelings without total identification. This released me to just ‘Be’.

It’s a moment-to-moment challenge at this point until my new habits kick in on an automatic basis. Repetition of all the processes within the MKE is getting me there. My mind still sets its traps, but more often than not, I ‘choose’ to walk around rather than descend.

Ask and you shall receive has finally taken on a practical role in my life. The roller coaster ride in the Amusement Park of the Master Key is becoming quite enjoyable.

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  1. Joseph, good for you for shaking up your old blueprint. From your blog rover friend John.

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