Master Key Experience Week 16: Mixing It Up In Harmony

Once we truly realize that whatever we think about with intention shows up in our lives, we are able to consciously create our lives as we desire. This is basically mixing it up in harmony with nature’s laws, and this contributes greatly to our overall happiness.

When we are able to more than intellectually comprehend this, we are positioned to see beyond any apparent limitations to our true potential. It is at this point that we are steering our ship to whatever destination that we choose on a conscious basis.

A Simple Choice

This really all comes down to a simple choice of consciously directing our lives. We are only able to do this when we have understood that our power is in the present moment. It is in the present moment that we move beyond knee-jerk reactions based on habitual conditioning.

When we automatically react to outside stimuli, we have not made it a conscious choice. It was automatically made for us through our subconscious conditioning. That’s why it often seems things just happen to us, and we feel totally out of control. This is when it is easy to fall into the victim role.

In order to break free from this self-imposed prison of accepted beliefs and perceptions, we must create a whole new framework from which to operate. This is a framework that places choice right in the middle of the stimulus response equation.

Empowering Our Choices

When we increase our awareness by slowing down enough so that we can “respond” rather than “react” to any outside stimuli, we can then consciously choose. This requires some work though, and unfortunately this type of mental effort presents a challenge that most folks neglect to accept.

By observing our thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis in the present moment, we eventually get to the point of being able to “consciously choose“. It takes time and effort and it moves through a number of phases.

Initially we even forget to pay attention. Then we begin to pay attention more but we still automatically react. For some time we watch ourselves react enough that we then are able to stop ourselves for a brief moment, and “choose” a different thought and then actually respond. After working on this a bit, it eventually gets easier and what was once so hard to do becomes automatic. We respond instead of react to outside circumstances.

Harmony Hooks Up with Happiness

Now that we truly understand that harmony and happiness are present moment events, we are not now dependent on any particular type of outcome or result for them to show up. We are happy because we “choose” to be. It’s so important to be Persisting In Harmony

We then generate the “feeling” of happiness that harmonizes with the natural flow of life, so that we are able to produce desired results without all the struggle and effort. Finally, we have attained the cooperation of our subconscious mind, and are living through the principles which previously we only intellectually understood. Thought and feeling work together to vitalize our ideal objective.

Now that’s mixing it up in harmony. Enjoy the process. It’s definitely a time for change.

In Love, Happiness, and Harmony,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Unretired Entrepreneur

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  1. Joseph, good for you for realizing your power is in the present moment. From your blog rover friend John.

  2. John, I loved your insights on slowing down to increase our awareness so we can respond and not react. Great pictures in your blog.

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