Master Key Experience Week 19: Our Point Of Power

Our mental, spiritual, and physical powers are based within ourselves. No need to look without for any false images that are impotent to provide. Our Point of Power exists right here, right now, in the Present Moment.

We are able to access this power when our belief in ourselves to “produce” our desired results has been tested enough to transform from belief into a “living faith”. That faith is full of expectation, confidence, and real life results.

Releasing Our Fear to Embrace Our Power

When we recognize that this power really does exist within ourselves, we quite often have a tendency to resist. This is based on our old conditioning of feeling we are not enough.

Also by holding a belief of not being enough we have accumulated sufficient evidence over the years to back up our belief and set our perception about ourselves in concrete. It can take a bit of effort and time to convince ourselves that this belief is quite false, and to replace it with the truth of our magnificence and power.

This is when we are willing to let go of the past, and create a whole new paradigm of success and possibility. It does require persistence and consistency to get used to the truth of our being. With enough repetition on a daily basis we will get there for sure. We just have to plant the seeds.

Time to Focus Up and Pay Attention

In order to make this transition for ourselves, it is critical that we “concentrate” on what we desire with such intensity that there is no possible doubt of our outcome. We are able to generate this type of concentration when we are interested enough in what we are doing so that we take pride in doing the best we can.

But doing the best we can is only the start. Once we are in motion and gained a bit of momentum we will be curious enough to extend beyond the best we can do, to discovering how it can best be done. Gary Keller describes this well in his Wall Street Journal best selling book, “The One Thing”. He talks about finding ways to increase our productivity so that we can discover the best we can become.

This provides us with a wonderful give and take of interest and attention. They both increase as we create and extend our benefit to all whom we serve. This type of concentration focuses our power to such a degree that the object of our attention has no choice other than to manifest.

At this point it becomes evident that there is a difference between doing the best we can and the best it can be done.

And it all begins in our imagination by conceiving the ideal way to utilize our power most effectively. By giving our desire enough concentration and attention, we are able to see it clearly in our minds.

The present moment is sacred, and once we recognize this fully, we realize that we can consciously create our lives moment-to-moment without any care or worry as to results. Since we “know that we know”, it’s happening is a given because we are aligned with the natural laws of the Universe.

May you embrace your Power with Confidence and Love,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

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  1. Joseph, good for you for realizing the importance and power of the present moment. From your blog rover friend John.

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