77 Best Ideas for Living the Simple Life (Low Cost & Fun)

Living the Simple Life

Living the simple life has many advantages well beyond what may appear on the surface. Let’s create our own blueprint for generating new ideas and insights that eliminate many of our everyday distractions.

In order to create a balanced life, we must spend some time undoing our outdated thinking about what makes us happy and what is possible to achieve.

With a little forethought, we can create the life of our dreams without all of the stress and overwhelm.

We value most what we do well; not what we do more. Efficiency and effectiveness are the foundation of a simple life. 

We can achieve all that we desire without the complexity and the stress that goes with it.

In this guide, we will cover living the simple life ideas that will help anyone brainstorm ways to simplify their own life for increased fun as well as productivity.

What are the Best Ideas for Living the Simple Life?


1. Best Idea for Living the Simple Life: Relax

Although this may sound simplistic, it was meant to be. The sooner we realize that we are the problem, as well as the solution, the more progress we will make. 

We learn to relax by practicing staying awake and present more often. This increases our effectiveness and productivity. Here’s an article I wrote about doing just that: remaining present.

2. Do First What We Value Most

Again, this may sound extremely obvious, but that is why it is often overlooked. Getting caught up with interruptions and distractions becomes our way of life all too often.

Getting clear on what is most important to us paves the way to getting done what will most positively impact our lives.

3. Spend Some Quiet Time Alone

Doing this will help tremendously with our first suggestion of relaxing and letting go. Living the simple life is more about “undoing” rather than learning new skills.

While learning new stuff can be part of the process, it flows naturally from letting go of the stuff that gets in our way and creates some space for a more simple life.

4. A Simple Diet

When we begin to relax more and remove some of the distractions from our lives, we become more aware of what our body truly wants. 

At this point, we will naturally transition into a more simple and healthy diet without forcing the issue, or beating ourselves up when we stray a bit from our ideal. 

I will cover more on this in future articles, but for now, here are a few ideas on practical weight loss.

5. Redo the Budget

This is more about awareness than becoming overly frugal. By spending a few moments jotting down our monthly expenses, there is a high probability that we will find items that no longer hold any value to us.

Whether it is something we are paying for that we no longer use, or just adding up what we spend on frivolous items each day, this increased awareness will allow us to make ‘conscious’ choices about where we truly desire to spend our money and experience the resultant increase in freedom.

6. Reassess the Use of Credit Cards

Without going into the adverse effects of credit card debt, let’s just say that those extremely high-interest rates will not contribute to our freedom and peace of mind.

Unless we pay off the balance each month in a timely fashion, it is much better to pay cash for items and save for larger expenditures. This will greatly reduce our impulse buys and contribute greatly to living the simple life.

7. Focus on Quality

Whether we are talking about food, items for the home, clothing, or any other types of goods or services, we gain more benefits over time by buying less of higher quality items.

8. Ignore the Advertising

When we begin to relax more and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the present moment, we learn to trust ourselves as to what we really need and desire.

At this point, we will not allow companies to dictate what is relevant to our happiness and joy. Living the simple life requires us to think for ourselves which results in trusting ourselves to a greater degree.

9. Clean House

This is more about getting rid of the clutter than vacuuming the floors. Getting rid of stuff we don’t need, use, and really don’t want, clears not only physical space but more importantly, the space between our ears. 

10. Lose the Multi-Tasking Habit

This more than anything else will create some space within our minds to urge us to relax more and enjoy the present moment where complexity dissolves, and simplicity reigns. 

When we focus and concentrate on one thing at a time, we get a lot more stuff done productively.

11. A Little Bit of Exercise

Now when I say a little bit, I mean a little bit. The challenge here is when we merely hear the word we all too often immediately kill off the idea in our heads. 

The smallest bit, even if for only ten (10) seconds is a step in the direction of creating a beneficial habit, and more importantly reinforcing our strength of will. Not ‘willpower’ or forcing stuff, but the ‘will’ to make a conscious choice rather than operating on automatic or default.

Here’s an easy way to get started by bouncing your way to health.

12. Cut Down on the Technology

In today’s world with folks bumping into each other on the street while absorbed by their smart (or not so smart) phones, it sounds sacrilegious to even suggest this.

But like everything else about living the simple life, this is more about common sense moderation rather than abstinence. 

This applies to television as well as social media and other forms of technology. Switching off the notifications, at least in the evening, is a great start.

It’s all about us taking back our power, refusing to be interrupted, and deciding when we want to check emails and other communications.

13. Setting Limits and Boundaries

This relates to taking back our power in determining the direction of our lives. Living the simple life requires us to be willing to say ‘no’ to any distracting influences.

This is easier when we are clear on our priorities. This also helps with avoiding overwhelm

14. Cleaning Out the Closet

I have found that spending time at least once a year going through my clothes enables me to either throw or give away a certain amount of clothing. 

Then I only keep the clothes that I like and actually wear. 

15. Establish Meaningful Routines

This helps tremendously in getting done what you really want to accomplish. It is dealing with things realistically.

Since we usually resist any thought of change in our current setup, it becomes necessary to create routines around getting the results we want.

Overcoming procrastination occurs one small step at a time.

16. Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Whether it’s asking a family member to help out around the house or outsourcing some small business tasks, this is an ideal way to avoid stress by spending our time on the activities that mean the most and have the most value in living the simple life.

17. A Frugal Lifestyle

This does not mean doing without essentials, but it also doesn’t mean buying things to fill some inner feeling of lack.

Things do not make us happy. Taking the time to consider our purchases will reveal much more than saving a few dollars. 

18. Eliminate the Debt

This is an important factor in gaining mental and financial freedom for living the simple life. Reducing debt is a step-by-step process that begins with not spending more than is earned.

Learning to budget properly and tracking all expenditures makes this a lot easier. Also, locating a fiduciary investment advisor with whom you are comfortable can help tremendously.

19. Slow Down

For many folks, this is not easy to do but this helps with getting things done more effectively and efficiently and allowing ourselves to relax a bit. 

Taking breaks also helps with this. When working on a project it helps to use a timer and work in forty-five (45) to sixty (60) minute segments, and then take five (5) to ten (10) minutes off to relax or do something enjoyable.

Other Ways to Slow Down and Relax

Here are a few other ways to develop the habit of relaxation and spend more time in the present moment where our true power to create and get stuff done exists. Living the simple life is all about immersing ourselves fully in our present activity or task.

20, Yoga and martial arts

21. Meditation

22. Taking a walk

23. Spending time in nature

24. Conscious breathing

25. Turn off the phone

26. Give ourselves a special treat just for being alive

27. Avoid the rush by waking up a few minutes earlier

28. Avoid all technology after a certain time of day

29. Spend time with a friend or family member and ‘listen’ attentively

30. Set aside some time for loved ones on a consistent basis

All of these items will remind us that life is not a dress rehearsal and that each moment is precious. This becomes more apparent to ourselves when living the simple life is our habitual way of living.

That being the case, it is imperative that we take conscious control of our lives, and live our lives along the lines of the song by Frank Sinatra called “My Way”.

31. Create a Simple Life Plan

When deciding to live a simpler life it is much easier to put things off for another day. But just like I mentioned above life is not a dress rehearsal and it does come down to ‘now or never’.

When we need an excuse there is no shortage.

Putting our intentions down in writing is a significant first step to getting stuff done. Start by outlining the five (5) most important ingredients to living the simple life.

32. Get Creative

We are all creative beings, although we often restrict the flow of our creative juices for a number of reasons both conscious and unconscious.

Our practice of relaxing, slowing things down, and even meditating a bit will get these juices flowing once again.

Carry around a pen/pencil and notebook and write down all ideas that show up related to all dreams and objectives in living a simple and prosperous life.

Some Creative Options

33. Arts and Crafts

34. Create a Blog and/or Podcast on interests and skills

35. Take some workshops or classes in areas of interest

36. Gardening

37. Toastmasters – learn to speak on topics of interest

38. Take or teach art lessons

39. Write a book based on skills and experiences

40. Learn a foreign language

41. Take singing lessons

42. Learn to play a musical instrument

43. Create an online course or workshop and teach what you know

44. The Power of Gratitude

Being grateful for all that we have and all that is on its way to us is the perfect way of living the simple life and relaxing in the present moment.

When we are grateful we position ourselves to enjoy life more which helps us avoid taking things for granted. 

Gratitude creates a contagious mindset and draws like-minded people to us. Find at least two (2) new things to be grateful for each day, and this will soon become a habit that will never be broken.

45. Enjoy our Meals

When we slow down and relax more we will find ourselves so immersed in the present moment that we will eat slower and actually enjoy our meals.

This will naturally lead to eating healthier foods without trying to force the issue.

46. Helping Others Out

This becomes something we want to do once we have slowed down and simplified our lives. 

We want to spread the word so to speak and there are numerous ways we can lend a helping hand with friends and family as well as our larger community.

Being of service soon becomes an integral way of living the simple life.

47. Spending some Silent Time with Ourselves

This is not something we like to do because we are then confronted with our inner thoughts and feelings that we do our best to avoid.

Reflecting and contemplating what shows up in our minds is a great exercise in increasing our awareness of how and what we think and our power to replace what we don’t like.

Also, getting into the silence is a great way to realize that we don’t have to label our feelings this or that; we can merely let them flow through and go on their merry way.

48. House Sitting

This is a great way for living the simple life for those who like to travel and see the world inexpensively. There are several websites that offer house sitting opportunities.

Each situation is different in terms of what is required so do some homework and select only the offers that fit your desires and lifestyle.

49. Money Management

Managing our resources effectively most definitely makes our lives simpler. 

Here are some helpful Money Management 101 ideas that can be incorporated into our business and personal lives.

50. Start a Business You Enjoy

There are so many ways to start a home-based business these days and earn an additional stream of income on a part-time or full-time basis.

It all depends on what you enjoy doing. Related experience makes it much easier, but any needed specialized knowledge can be acquired online or offline. 

Here are a few business ideas to consider.

51. Online Marketing – Here are a few online business ideas.

52. Dog Walking Service

53. Garage sales

54. Flea Market sales

55. Refurbishing antiques and furniture

56. Handyman services

57. Wallpaper and painting services

58. Crocheting or knitting club

59. Landscaping service

60. Product creation

61. Scrapbooking service

62. Remodeling

63. Business Consulting

64. Web Design & related services

65. Resume writing

66. Freelance writing -– article/content creation

67. Life coach

68. Massage & other bodywork services

69. AirBnB host/Property management

70. Real estate investing

71. Own Vending Machines

72. Financial consulting

73. Event Planning

74. Bike rentals

75. Food truck service

76. Downsize

This not only entails a less expansive dwelling but also realizing what is ‘enough’ and that any excess only adds to the complexity of life.

This also helps with a clutter-free home as well as organizing things so they are easy to find which saves time and reduces stress. 

77. Go on a Mental Diet

A mental diet is just what we need in order to rearrange things in our minds first, so the actual task-oriented activities are purpose-driven and get done both effectively and efficiently.

On the home page of this site, JosephStasaitis.com, you will find an opt-in for a Free report on resetting your mind.

Let’s Wrap Things Up on Living the Simple Life

A great way to eliminate the complexity in our lives is to pursue a more simple life based on our true values and desires, instead of pursuing some made-up image of what an ideal life is supposed to be.

Chasing the glamour and toys may be fun for a while, but this image’s true nature is soon revealed as lacking any substance at all in terms of happiness and joy.

Living the simple life nourishes us at work, at home, in our leisure activities, with our health, and with our finances as well.

Let’s spend the time to learn to improve the quality of our lives by unwinding and appreciating all that we have.

Then spend a little time determining exactly what living the simple life means to us. The specifics depend on our individual needs, desires, goals, and overall purpose in life. There is no one-size-fits-all definition, 

The ideas in this article are intended to spark a person’s intuitive nature to not only define what a simple lifestyle means but to be inspired to create it.

A simple and satisfying life is available to us all.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation from some of the links at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid product. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.

      Joseph Stasaitis

Joseph Stasaits of JosephStasaitis.com is a full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, intuitive business strategist, and life coach. Joseph has had a dual career in business development and human services. He is also known as the Un-Retired Entrepreneur because “when you love what you do, why retire?”

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